iphone photography tips you must know

6 iPhone Photography Tips You Must Know to Impress

Are you a photography enthusiast who owns an iPhone? If you do it right, you can produce
incredible photos using your iPhone. You won’t even need a separate professional camera
gear for following your passion. The latest iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max cameras are some
of the best available with 2X to 5X zoom capabilities. In fact, iPhone 15 Pro Max is hailed for
its 5X optical zoom on its telephoto lens that has no downside.

So, follow these 6 iPhone photography tips given below and gear up to use your iPhone as your go-to
camera. Let’s go!

Before Diving In, Learn These Two Magic Tricks:

  • Retrieving deleted photos – Using your iPhone as a camera means the most valuable content on your phone will be your photos and videos. What if you have accidentally deleted some photos? There’s no need to despair because it is possible to recover deleted iPhone photos without much fuss. You will find the deleted photos in the Recently Deleted photos, from where you can retrieve them within 30 days of deletion. However, if it has been more than 30 days, you can use Disk Drill to bring back lost pictures in minutes. This is an advanced backup and file recovery application. Don’t forget to install it on your device! 
  • Storing photos in iCloud Photos – This is a magic trick in the sense that it helps to create space so you can click more pictures using your iPhone. So, after a day of clicking pictures, you must make it a habit to transfer them to iCloud Photos. Here, the pictures will be easily accessible across your Apple devices, and you can even share the album with your friends or ask others to contribute. 

Look at iPhone Photography Tips to Click Professional-Grade Pictures

  • Understand The Rule of Thirds 

If you want to click professional-looking photos on your iPhone, you must understand the rule of thirds. This rule dates back to Renaissance art and involves dividing the picture into a three-by-three grid. You have to place the main subject of your photo along these lines to click visually appealing photos. 

  • Use Burst Mode to Capture Action Shots 

An iPhone does a good job of capturing quick-moving actions, and you don’t need a high-end camera to do that. All you have to do is hold down the shutter button to capture ten frames in a row. This is called burst mode, and it captures multiple frames in quick succession. Thanks to this, you can capture the action and choose the right shot from the set of ten. 

  • Use The Camera In Manual Mode 

By switching left and right on the camera screen, you can quickly switch to different modes like portrait, time-lapse, slow-mo, cinematic, square, and pano modes. While the pictures clicked in these modes are fairly decent, the picture quality can be improved manifold by clicking it in manual mode. 

When you enter the manual mode, you have to adjust the focus and exposure yourself. This allows you to click creative pictures. Also, the control is in your hands. 

  • Use HDR When There’s Lots of Light And Shadow 

HDR is a built-in feature that is perfect for times when there’s a lot of light and shadow simultaneously. If you are not getting proper light for your photo because of this, your picture will end up being overexposed or underexposed. You can fix this problem by clicking photos in HDR. This feature creates a composite image by combining multiple photos at different exposures. 

  • Rotate The Camera 

You can change the perspective of the picture by simply rotating the camera and placing the lens closer to the ground. Typically, the lenses are located in the top right corner of your phone. So, if you have already clicked multiple photos holding the phone how it should be held, it is time to rotate the phone and get interesting angles. 

  • Don’t Forget to Edit The Photos! 

Editing photos is a huge part of photography. If you plan to upload your photos for public consumption, you must use a professional editing software to give your pictures the edge they deserve. The iPhone is compatible with most professional-grade editing software so you wouldn’t have an issue finding one that works for you. 

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Beyond Tips: Helpful Advice 

  • Stay inspired! Keep the fire of creativity burning bright by browsing photography feeds on social media platforms or exploring curated galleries online. You must constantly experiment with lighting techniques, look for new compositions, etc. 
  • Keep practicing because this is the only way to perfect your iPhone photography skills. Explore various techniques and editing styles. Find your voice! 
  • Become part of a thriving photography community or group. Share your work, get feedback, and learn. 

So, are you ready to take your iPhone photography skills to the next level? The first step is to start clicking pictures. The rest will fall in place.

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